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Making time a good time by making food the good food, Taste that makes you go UMMMMMMM...
Celebrating the season of dessert and food for the whole year


Celebrating the season of food for the whole year


Making time a good time by making food the good food, Taste that makes you go UMMMMMMM...
Celebrating the season of dessert and food for the whole year


What’s your eating Mood today? Fast your day with our food and try fresh taste at Best Price...
We're converting mood with food, for those who live to eat.


Our customers are at the heart of our organization

  • Seyar Amiri
    Not yo sweet and not to big cakes everything perfect,customer service is amazing kind
    Seyar Amiri
  • Amin M. Naeini
    There called Ghazal makes beautiful cakes and her customer service and her manners are fantastic. We ordered a few Birthday cakes within the last couple of weeks and she did a fabulous job. In terms of taste, design, variety, and freshness, they can beat all the other places in Toronto. Also, Since ghazal makes those beautiful cakes, I never want to try Bi Bi or Red rose (Gold Sorkh) ever again. Keep up a good job Ghazal. Papa is simply the best!
    Amin M. Naeini
  •  Parsi T
    I love the staff here, their delicious collections with all the variety that they have me coming back, again and again, to get sweets for the family or special occasions. Definitely check this warm and friendly place out. Have a very nice seating place upstairs to relax and enjoy some sweets with tea or to enjoy some ice cream.
    Parsi T
  • Ozhan Asi
    I've been a client of Papa for over ten years, they are the best in Toronto. Today we stopped by to order a custom birthday cake and we end up spending hours with the store managers to pick a design. He invited us to have a cup of tea with sweets etc. and making sure we are completely satisfied. We had a chance to meet the owner as well and he was an amazing guy too. I highly recommending them.
    Ozhan Asi
  • Katayoun Taban
    Great place to shop. Quality is great. Taste is awesome. The store is very clean and inviting and most importantly amazing, professional staff. Whenever I visit Toronto and have time for shopping, Papa pastry is on the top of my list. Thank you and keep doing the awesome job you are doing. Katayoun Taban
    Katayoun Taban
  • Nafis Asghari
    Very nice and friendly owner and staff. They have different varieties of pastries. Since they started offering buffet brunch on weekends, the upstairs has changed more to a restaurant compared to what it used to look, which was a cafe-like place
    Nafis Asghari
  • Yasamin Alami
    Delicious pastries and marvelous authentic tea with a well thought out design! Make sure to get some sweets to go after enjoying some tea and cream puffs upstairs in the cafe! A marvelous little spot for an authentic Persian sweet bite!
    Yasamin Alami
  • Hedia B
    By far the best customer service comparing to all other Iranian businesses in the area. A generous owner who is kind and walks around to mingle with customers and offers them tea and sweets. Very very professional staff. The quality of their pastries is also amazing. Because of all the above, I don’t have to go anywhere else. Thanks for everything you do.
    Hedia B
  • Xiomara
    I haven't been here for a couple of years. It was a lovely surprise to see they have expanded to the 2nd floor with seating upstairs. I always feel like a princess when coming here because the decor is so pretty and I feel dainty when having tea there. My fave teas there are Saffron tea and Cardomom & cinnamon tea. The pistachio loaf is delicious. They had a pistachio cake on sale and bought that too. Delicious and light pastry. It's not too sweet which is what I love. The prices are also so great! The staff was so lovely. I love bringing friends here. Always a good time.
  • Maryam Mhdwi
    My go-to cake for any occasion. My favorite, their pistachio cake is soft and so delicious. They also have pastries that smell and taste similar to the ones I find back home!!!
    Maryam Mhdwi


Papa Pastry is an example of customer service.

Papa Café & Pastry has been around long enough to know exactly what is the absolute priority for our customers. That’s why we take the job seriously and we serve our customers with absolute respect. We are proud to provide the highest quality of pastries, so our customers can fall in love with our products.
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